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Look at these

Ok everyone. I was really bored. And wanted to post this somewhere, where people would give me there opinion. So..these are my drawings. Most of them may be crappy. I like them all. Anyway. Here they are.

Victoria-This is my friend Victoria. She has no face because I didn't feel like drawing it.
Hand-This is just a hand I drew cuz I saw it on the net so I decided to draw it.
Leg-The only part on this drawing I drew was the leg. My friend Randi drew the rest.
Naru-I saw this on a Naru poster my sister had. There was a picture I drew that had a full body but I don't know where it is.
Bear-My friend Megan gave me a gift of a bear that looks similar to this. This was the very first thing I drew in my art book.
Foot-I don't know why I drew this but I like it alot.
Pose-I like drawing and I needed new poses so I thought this up when I saw a picture of my friend Victoria doing this.
Face-I have no clue why I drew this.
Earth-I got this idea from looking at a poster in my science class. I think the poster looks alot better then this.
Pain-I drew this when I was depressed. I always get alot of comments on this one.
Shy-I didn't finish this one. Got it from a sticker on a binder. If it was finished it would of been pretty.
Big Picture-I got this picture from a zine my sister has. I had nothing to do so I drew it. It took me about 30 mins. to draw. It's kinda bad. But all I know is Victoria wants it.
Pretty-This drawing looks like someone but I don't know who. I just drew it out of the blue. There is a guy on the other side of her, but I didn't feel like putting him in the picture.
Girl-I drew this 2 years ago. It looks nothing like the person I tryed to draw.
Guy-I got this picture from watching an animal planet show. This guy is a cop.

Well, that's all I have for now. Laterz.

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